Sunday, May 04, 2003

The Beginning of a New Life

*all names have been changed

May 4,2003...Day 1

Ohhhh boy...I quit last night!! Yay for me! I thought to myself, why put it off any longer? I picked the 14th originally, but it just seemed to me that I was putting off the inevitable. Just trying to stay in my comfort zone, I guess...forgetting that there is no comfort involved in quitting the death sticks, at least not right away! So now here I am on the first morning of my first full smoke free day. I woke up shaking and sweating...but also wheezing and coughing. That served to remind me just why I no longer smoke. The crave was bad, but it passed. I`m even drinking my morning java! I won`t deprive myself that much, screw that!! hehehe If I can get over the morning crave so easily, even with coffee.....I believe this will be a successful quit. It won`t be pretty, I`m sure...but it WILL be successful!9 pm...OMG, what a day. I was shaking and sweating in my bed at a couple points today, but I kept telling myself nope, I don`t smoke...and I didn`t! Not one single puff! Even during my last quit, I snuck puffs for the first week before I quit for the 2. I came a little unglued around dinner, and very nearly walked to the store for smokes, but I think that might`ve been because I was almost an hour late changing my patch. Instead of going to one of the two deathstick vendors within a 3 block radius, I came to the Quitnet and read posts, posted myself and perused my library. Thanks to my stubborness, my patch (lets be honest here) and my newfound Q-munity, I`m going to bed a winner for the second night in a row! And I`m still sane so far! Wooo hooo!! Not too shabby considering smoking is all I know...been doing it as long as I can remember. Not today, Nicoprick...or any other day if I can help it.


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