Friday, May 30, 2003

Profound Thought For the Day

All I want to do is sleep, my muscles feel like someone used me for a wishbone....but healing always hurts. Think about it...any time a body part gets injured, it hurts like hell at the beginning, then the pain gradually subsides as it heals. Some people are lucky enough to make a full recovery and never think about the injury again, but others may experience flare ups every so they need to take a deep breath, work through the brief burst of pain and carry on. Being afflicted with chronic pain, I see the quit as being similar. One more thing to grin and bear. My injuries have improved over time, even though I`ll never be cured by any stretch...and I had to work damn hard at it. Same thing applies here. This is basically an injury on a much larger scale than your average broken arm or whatever....but like the arm, the body will get better...just give it time.


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