Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Things That Make Ya Go Hmmmm......

What an amazingly shitty week I've had. I swear, men get PMS too! What a collosal peckerhead Mickey can be at times. LOL And to make matters worse, I sprained my good ankle last Friday. I did a number on it big time. I wish I would've just hurt the right least the pain would be concentrated in one leg like I'm used to...and I'd still be able to get around half decently.The really weird thing about all the crap happening lately is that I haven't felt the urge to smoke. Not once. You'd think that after spending several days wrangling with Mickey, getting hurt would be the kicker. I had a pity party Friday night, right enough....but it involved LOTR: Return of the King and some cherry chocolate chip ice cream. lol I sent the rest of the family to the show to see Shrek 2. I wasn't even fit company for the pets! I'd really love to know what's up with my not wanting to smoke. I've had some prime button-pushers in the last little while. Wait a am I questioning it for? This is a GOOD thing. I'm glad I haven't had any urges, it's just that I'm surprised by the lack of them. Who am I to complain? I guess I really am free.


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