Thursday, January 08, 2004

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

My worries about my first smokefree holiday were pretty much unfounded...proving once again that worry is the most wasteful emotion! I worried about the tribal gatherings, but my estranged family members behaved, as did I. We actually got along rather well, miracle of miracles! I worried that the stress might get to me and maybe convince me to do something smoke. I didn`t even crave. In fact, I was happy to not need smoke breaks while making Xmas dinner, and REALLY happy to not have to freeze my butt off outside. Had a nasty cold snap with extreme wind chills....I felt bad for the smokers, but I sure didn`t want to be one of them. So there`s my realization of the month, folks. Bobby McFerrin said it best......Don`t worry, be happy! I gotta stop borrowing trouble when I already have more than enough. Stuff is almost always never as bad as we worry it`s going to be.


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