Sunday, December 19, 2004

Remember, Amethyst...She IS Your Mom....*sigh*

I had to call my mom back yesterday morning. When she called Wednesday night, I was in the middle of freaking out, as previously mentioned. She got me to agree to bring the kids up to the bus station when she arrives next Wednesday, even though Wanda is already meeting her. She'd be slightly pissed to say the least if I showed up. Mom figured this would be appropriate because "she hasn't seen us for a year and a half". Now, I understand fully why she'd want to see us ASAP, but FFS...relations are strained at best between Wanda and I as it is. Why do something that'll make things worse? Wanda would NOT be understanding about it, believe me. So anyway, I told Mom that I wouldn't be able to make it and that I'd pick her up the next day. I also suggested that Wanda could drive her down to my place for a quick visit Wed. night if she really can't wait. So we somehow got on the subject of her smoking. She was giving me some excuses as to why she keeps blowing her quits. It's the old anger trap. She babysits sometimes, and she's just not used to little kid antics anymore, especially those of 3 and 1 year olds. I told her she should quit babysitting for a bit. She says she needs the money. I say she wouldn't need to babysit if she'd quit smoking...she'd be saving about $90 a week. She starts to get mad. I say, "But Mom...what kind of daughter would I be if I didn't try to look out for you?" She calmed right down and muttered, "I guess." That was a stroke of genius, I tell ya! LOL I told her that I see quitting as a good thing, and I just want her to have an improved quality of life like I'm enjoying. Amazingly enough, she didn't rip off my head and dump down the hole, even when I didn't drop it right away and I even went on to suggest that she talk to her doctor about NRTs besides the patch. She can't use it due to her history of strokes. I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't get really defensive. She usually gets mad for much less. Hell, I felt like a bomb squad member diffusing the Big One. LOL But, all went well and I put a bug in her ear. Here's hoping it keeps on whispering. If anyone needs to quit, its her. She doesn't have to live from cheque to cheque. She doesn't have to feel like crap every day, or stink, or choke, or be a slave....*sigh*


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