Friday, December 03, 2004

Auntie On a Mission

So I sent my niece an e-mail with a bunch of quitting links the other day...including this one. LOL I should send one to my nephew too...but everything I've sent him lately bounces back. I hate the fact that they both drives me up the wall, in fact. I'd love to try to help them quit, but I don't want them to think I'm some militant ex-smokin auntie on a crusade. How do I try to help and support someone without coming off as annoying? I tried like hell to support my mom when she first tried to quit about a year ago, but I'm pretty sure that she thought I was bugging her. That was the time that she lied to me for two months. Man, that still chaps my ass. So what if she relapsed...she didn't have to lie about it. God, I hope she quits at some point. She should talk to her doctor about NRT. So the patch might not be suitable due to her history of strokes...there are many other options out there. She's never even talked to the doctor about it, she's just going by what was on the box of patches.She's gotta do something...cold turkey just doesn't seem to be cutting it for her.

I wonder if brother Greg is still quit. It should be bout 5 months now. That guy quit for 2 years once....TWO YEARS! Damn! I've been quit nearly that and I can't imagine ever putting another smoke in my mouth. Different strokes, I guess...Smoking frigging bites!! I can't name one good thing bout it. Why do so many people slowly commit suicide with cigarettes, but yet look down on someone who blows their head off? What the hell's the difference? One is merely getting it over with efficiently, as opposed to long, slow torture.


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