Thursday, February 10, 2005

I Hate Pinkeye!

Sheesh, what a week. We just had a 5 day weekend from school, starting on Friday. Eeeek! On the second day, Kaitlyn came down sick, was a raging bitch for 3 days, started to get better on Tuesday, went back to school yesterday, and now today she dragged her butt in from school looking like she got hit by a bus. She immediately went upstairs after I plied her with Tylenol and cold meds. To add insult to injury, both twins came down with pinkeye over the weekend, so I had to keep them home yesterday. They had a 6 day weekend, the little brats. LOL The real bad part was that I didn't notice Jared had it too until after he had played at his friend's house all day.


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