Wednesday, January 26, 2005

JC On a Cracker...

Crap. My dad is in the hospital again. I came home to a message on my machine the other night, and tonight my stepmom called to update me on his condition. He's having surgery to remove yet another blood least this one is just in the elbow. He'll be OK, I'm sure...he always is. He seems to go into the hospital at least once a year for surgery and always comes home right as rain....until the next time. The thought of a smoke floated briefly through my mind when I listened to the message from Nora Monday night, and again when she called tonight. That old conditioned response to stress come back to haunt me. The good news is that the thought didn't linger long. I pretty much dismissed it as soon as it showed up. Thought to myself, "And just what would that solve? All that would accomplish would be to have me back up to a pack a day in no time...not to mention I'd have one hell of a butt-kicking to look forward to when Dad comes home." Not worth it as far as I'm concerned....either prospect. Sheesh...this guy isn't gonna be happy til all my hair is completely white and he's scared a good 20 years off my life! LOL


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