Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas

Today was awesome. My Christmas Eve and morning was fabulous. It was spent at home with just the five of us hanging out and watching movies. Santa was good to all of us. Then we went to Wanda and Mark's. The food was really quite good. My sister's cooking has improved quite a bit. heheh All in all, it was pretty good, but there was about two times that things got tense. The first was when Wanda and CJ starting sniping about something stupid. Luckily, I think they both realized just how stupid they were being and dropped it right away. LOL The second was when Mom starting shrieking for no reason about being able to eat as much as she wanted on Christmas. She has a bad habit of flipping out at the drop of a hat...due to the strokes she had, she unfortunately either can't or doesn't care to control herself. The really bad part was that she was shrieking at a complete stranger to her....Wanda's friend, Marie-Madeleine. Poor Marie-Madeleine only asked if she was going to try each kind of pie...she didn't mean anything by it. Mom friggin lost it...starting screaming and even made a really rude gesture. Somehow the situation was diffused, but we left soon after. The kids wanted to go home after Grandma came unglued. I don't blame them. Jenny in particular was upset by the way Grandma acted. She had a stomach ache for awhile afterward. Kaitlyn and Jared were just plain embarrassed. It looks like I'm still Public Enemy #1 to Alf. He called Wanda's just after we finished dinner and talked to her, Dad, Mom, my kids and CJ and I think Mark...but not to Mick or me. Oh well. I was pretty surprised that he called, considering he and our sister parted on pretty bad terms. Twasn't any skin off my butt that he didn't want to talk to me. Someone had to be straight with him...unfortunately he'd rather I lie and pretend that I accept his tripe. Other than that small snippet of the day, I can't complain a bit. This was one of our better Christmases. I took the dog out after we opened presents, and it was one of those perfect Xmas scenes. Snow falling steadily, dog barrelling through the woods chasing squirrels...Metallica blaring in my ears. hehehe


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