Monday, March 07, 2005


Oh. My. Frickin. Gawd. I cannot BELIEVE the stupidity and downright cruelty of some fucking people. There I was, walking my dog and minding my business down by the river, when I see this truck. No big deal, vehicles pull into that little hidey hole all the time, presumably to smoke a joint or whatever. It stays for just a minute, pulls off and drives away. I think, "Huh...guess they're not blowin a bone after all." Still walking along...doo de doo de doo....and I see this little ginger coloured thing go from one rock to another. I tie up the dog and walk down the boat launch to investigate. There, on the rocks, I find a little fluffy ginger and white kitty, maybe a couple months old. Those fuckers abandoned her!!!!! Pardon my French, but OMG am I pissed. I tried to rescue her, but she took off up the hill. I took my dog home and came right back, but no luck.WTF motivates people to do this sort of thing? I've got a problem cat...she likes to pee on the washing machine whenever the dog ticks her off...but I wouldn't ever abandon her. I've been trying to find her a home on a farm or something, but if I can't, I'll still keep her. I don't understand why someone would do such a completely assholian thing like that. It was a friggin KITTEN. That kitty currently has two chances...slim and none. Bastards. :~(


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