Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Oh. My. Fricking. Gawd!

Our trip yesterday was a huge success. We went to Wal-Mart, got everything on everyone's list...plus a few spare supplies and shoes for everyone...and only spent $185 and some change. Man, I love civilization. Sometimes living in the boonies really sucks...but it sure is beautiful here. I think that's all that keeps me here. Then again, it is a good place to raise kids. Hearing Matt's (probably hugely embellished) stories about what went on at his junior high school makes me really glad I moved away. Kaitlyn would've ended up at that school in all likelihood. I shudder to think of what she'd be like now if we hadn't moved away. They've got crack, ecstasy, crystal meth...even heroin. You name it, you can get it. I don't really have to worry about Kait here...about the only thing going around our high school is pot, and nobody sells to the younger kids. Besides, Mickey and I know pretty much everybody in town. If Kaitlyn were getting up to no good, we'd know about it 10 minutes later. She can't even move around innocently without one of us knowing what she's up to. Just the other day, she went for lunch with her friend. As far as she was aware, her dad didn't know about it...he was at work early. When Mickey got home that evening, he asked Kaitlyn how her lunch with Gina was. She gaped at him and asked how the hell he knew she was out with Gina when he'd barely walked in the door from work. She must think we have a network of spies everywhere. Good...that's just what we want her to think! hehehehe

I found out from my Dad yesterday that Alf broke into Wanda and Mark's place a few days ago. I don't know if he took anything, though. I couldn't believe it...I didn't think he'd stoop that low, especially after they let him stay at their place for about a month. Wanda's a hard-ass, and she let him stay even though he only worked sporadically for one company, drank away the proceeds, and blew off another company completely...and didn't give her one thin dime. Dad didn't say too much about it...he doesn't really like to discuss Alf, especially not around the kids. Geez...I guess our Alfie doesn't think he's sunk low enough. Now he's B&Eing his own sister's house. I think the only reason he hasn't done my place is that he's scared of Mickey. He has about 6 inches and 75 pounds on him....and that 75 pounds sure ain't fat. As terrible as it may sound, I'm not going to worry about Alf and all his problems. Hell, I got enough of my own.. The only one that can help him is him. We've all tried, and ended up getting bled dry...or B&E'd. It's not that I want anything bad to happen to him, even if he did use me as a punching bag..among other things..way back when. I've just had enough of his lies, and refuse to listen to them anymore. I've heard the same old garbage ad nauseum for over 20 some years.


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