Monday, August 16, 2004

Back From Camping

Well, I'm back from my vacation. We got home from camping on Saturday afternoon...were supposed to be back Friday, but we decided to stay another day. The kids were okay with that right at first, but then the older ones claimed to be bored. Now how you can get bored with a swimming hole to swim in, a waterfall to climb, and about 300 hectares of forest to explore I'll never know...but that's teens for you. No TV or computer for a week and they go bananas. Ahhh well, no biggie. I, for one, had a blast...even though my body feels like someone put steel toed boots to it. I don't care though...I love to camp, and I'd do it even if every bone in my body felt broken. LOL We might even try to sneak in another trip before school starts...probably just a weekend, though. We're even planning next year's camping trips...we picked up a provincial park guide to help us out. I get free camping at all provincial parks due to my disability, so we're no longer limited in where we can go. Sometimes, being disabled doesn't suck! LOL I'm not real sure if Matt is having a good time here or not. He's chock full of teen angst, for one thing. Everything is "whatever" and "meh". He's a good kid, for the most part...but doesn't seem to care about much. Example: I went out of my way to take him to do something he's never done....ride a ferry across a lake. First, Mickey and I got into a snarking match about it, because he didn't feel like going. I couldn't drive that day, so I stayed behind. Then later, he and Kaitlyn got into it because he assumed it was all Kaitlyn's fault that they were taking this day trip. All she did was ask...once...if we could go into the village. After all was said and done, I asked Matt how he liked the day trip, and he basically said he couldn't care less. Impressed? I think not. He's also gotten Kaitlyn into huge amounts of crap due to mouthing off. He starts, and Kait...being the competitive sort that she is...has to try to go him one better. I could've knocked their heads together quite cheerfully the other night. Matt is a big talker...or gobshite, as Mickey would say. LOL I guess he just had to see how far he could push before I blew. Kids....bahhh!!As far as my little brother goes, it looks like he got the message. Also looks like I'm Public Enemy #1 to him, but oh well. You can't please everybody. He went by my house on his bike yesterday. Mickey and I were sitting on the front porch. He wouldn't even look at us...just had a look on his face like he hadn't had a crap for a month. Yep, that's about how I figured the message would be received. That old "if you dare to call me on my BS, you're a bitch" mentality is alive and I'm surprised. Most of my family has that mentality.Enough about them, though. I'll close this entry with a HUGE smoking deterrent. My niece CJ came to visit me yesterday. We were talking about her smoking, and she told me that not only do her and her roommate save cig butts to roll into smokes.....they use MAGAZINE paper to roll them if they're out of cigarette papers. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! She says she's trying to quit. I bloody well hope so, especially if she's smoking her latest copy of freakin "Teen Beat"!!


Oh man, are the kids ever getting hard to keep busy. The teens are no problem...I put them to work weeding. It's the twins that can't find anything to do. Well, that's not entirely so...Jared is playing with his friend that lives behind us. It's Jenny...all her friends are away, it's too hot to practise soccer shots in the driveway, and she doesn't want to go's boring without her friends. What's worse, I can't even put her to work. There's really nothing left for her to do. Yikes! She's not watching any more TV...that's what she did all morning. I don't have time to find her something to do...I have housework to finish. Being the entertainment director sucks. LOL Oh well, everyone is back in school in 3 weeks. CJ came by again today. She even offered to take the dog out for a walk. That surprised me a lot. She even asked Kaitlyn to come with her. She really is a good kid at heart, but so screwed up. She had something really bad happen to her that haunts her to this day....probably because she got zero support from her mother. All her mother ever did was freak on her for every little thing, and treat her like she wished she'd never had CJ...which, let's face it....she didn't. My sister freely admits that she's not cut out to be a mother. Too bad CJ has had to pay the price for my sister's failures.


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