Monday, April 25, 2005

Awww Crap.....

Just visited the QuitNet a few mins ago and found a post from a familiar Q-ster. She quit shortly after I did...and was diagnosed with lung cancer just today. Fuck. I hate cigarettes...hate em hate em HATE EM!! Dirty, nasty, life stealing pieces of shit! Of all the crappy things that could happen because of cigarettes, this one scares me the most. I don't know why, it just does. Poor Kim....what a raw deal.

If anyone reads this and thinks, "well, there ya go..might as well keep smoking"....I say bullshit! That lady has a much better chance of survival than my hubby's boss, Bruce. He was diagnosed a couple years ago, never quit smoking....and probably won't see this Christmas. He's in and out of the hospital all the time...gets his treatments, and as soon as he quits puking, has someone wheel him out for a smoke. It's sad. He's got 3 kids, and in all likelihood, won't even see the oldest graduate from high school in June. He's in bad shape.

Man...sometimes life is just hard.......


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