Sunday, April 24, 2005

Oh. Yuck.

I was walking home yesterday when I got broadsided by the most god awful smell. A guy was smoking a cigarette across the street, and it smelled as if he was stood right next to me. I had to hold my breath until I got to the corner...about 10-15 feet away. I cannot believe I used to smell like that and what's more...I didn't even know! I couldn't smell it, so I figured no one else could either. I can smell a lit cig practically across the grocery store parking lot now, and it makes me want to hurl. They haven't smelled good to me since about 2 months into my quit. On those rare occasions where I think about smoking, they still smell bad to me. In fact, I've walked past someone smoking when I've been stressed and thinking junkie thoughts, and the smell is always enough to bring me to my senses. I think to myself, "I am NOT smelling like that again!" LOL


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