Saturday, April 30, 2005

How Can Being Outside Stink So Bad?!?

So we went downtown today....there was a big sidewalk sale thingy going on in the main street. There were all sorts of booths advertising paintball, whitewater rafting, repelling, rock climbing, etc. There was also a charity event in which local businessmen (my hubby included) were being pied to raise money for the food bank. It was hilarious...nine pies thrown, no hits. I even threw two...missed completely. :~s But yet the mayor gets up there, only has about 7 pies thrown at him...almost all direct hits. LMFAO

Anyway, I'm standing there watching...and I smell the most godawful stench. It surrounded me, and no matter how shallowly I breathed, or where I was there. I looked around, and it seemed like every other person had a cigarette. I was outside, ffs...but it was like standing in an enclosed room. It's amazing how much the smell turns my stomach now. Even on the rare occasions that I've thought about a smoke, the smell never fails to bring me up short. I hates it, I does. (said in my best Golem voice)


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