Friday, May 06, 2005

WTF Has Happened to my Q??


There are some really nasty-ass ppl inhabiting the QuitNet these days. :~s I've got no problem whatsoever with telling it like it is, but they have to be so fricking insulting about it?! People fuck up all the time when they quit...I know I sure didn't quit on my first attempt. When that happens, constructive help is what is needed to get back up...they don't need a bunch of idiots cyber-kicking them when they're down. There are a few over there that truly make me want to gag on my screen.

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in saying "There, there's okay that you smoked." I will never tell anyone that smoking is okay. I will try to give them coping suggestions. I'll tell them to keep plugging away. I'll even tell them that smoking is no accident, but a choice they made. But I sure as hell will not ridicule someone because they gave in to their addiction. I will not call them weak. I will not call their integrity or strength of character into question. And I sure as hell will not start a new post to make fun of ppl who slip up in general. That shit is just tacky and wrong...but it goes on a lot over there now. :~( All the posters I remember from when I first quit...the ones who always had a kind and helpful word...are gone now, for the most part. I only see one or two post with any regularity. I try to get over there and help where I can, but it's daunting when everywhere you look, arrogant bastards are ripping new assholes for everyone that screws up. There's a post going on as I type this that at last look, garnered over 50's the cruelest thing I've ever seen in regards to ppl that slip. The really sad part? Only about 10 out of that 50 are posts chastising the original poster...the rest are in like a dirty shirt. Fucking pack mentality...."it's okay to be a cruel piece of shit as long as everyone is doing it." GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! This sucks!

That place saved my really and truly did. I hate to see this crap going on over there with more and more regularity. I mean, flamewars have always's an internet message board, fcol! It just seems to have snowballed over the last year or so. I had to stay away for a couple of months at one point. Even now, I mostly just lurk...answering a help post here or congratsing someone there...but I rarely start a new post. My opinion doesn't seem really popular over there. Got something against "live and let live", I guess.

Ohhh..make that 76 replies. :~(
WTF is Admin when you need them?

Later on....

Well, the offensive thread was eventually pulled...but was followed up by about 3-4 others. God, I can't believe some of these people! They seem to feel it's appropriate to absolutely slam people who struggle with their quit...then the freaks try to dress it up as humour and tough love. It's not exactly funny when you're in the group that's the butt of the joke, and its not love when you're being told that you're a loser and a weakling. Been there done that.

For a couple of hours this afternoon, I couldn't get into the Q. I actually thought for a bit that the site admin got so sick of pulling individual threads that they just pulled the plug on the whole damn site! LMAO I wouldn't have blamed them a bit if they did.


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