Thursday, May 12, 2005

I Had To Post For Support.... the Q today. After that double whammy, I was really rattled. I guess I needed to connect with some people who knew exactly what I was dealing with. I just wish that I hadn't felt the need to stipulate that I didn't want anyone coming along and kicking my ass. I actually had to say that I didn't plan to smoke, so I didn't want any so called "tough love". Back when I first quit, I'm practically certain that that stipulation wouldn't have been necessary. It really helped, though. I valued what everyone had to say...except for one. She went on about how both her grown sons had ADHD, and they hadn't brought her a second of joy...and if they showed up it would stress her out big time, but she wouldn't smoke. I wanted to go off on the ignorant cow sooooooo soooo SOOOO flipping bad, but I was good and sat on my hands for a few minutes. I should've fired off a retort, then hit the undo button. Ahhh, whatever. I just followed one of the laws of the Q...I took what I needed and left that one stupid, selfish, ignorant post in the dust. I was really offended though. I also have 2 children with ADHD...and they've both brought me much joy. Anyone who could say such a rotten thing about their own children needs a bitchslap or three, if you ask me. I'm sorry, but that just completely pissed me off.


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