Friday, July 22, 2005

Spot the Difference.....

2.5 years ago:

Couldn't go anywhere without smokes.
Couldn't walk down the block without wheezing.
Couldn't walk up a hill without gasping.
Couldn't swim a pool length (25m) without struggling toward the end...gasping and wheezing.


Couldn't pay me to carry smokes around!
I walk for about 90 mins with my dog every single day.
I can swim 600m in 15 mins.
I've lost all my quit weight, plus 40 more pounds.

And the best part?

Quitting smoking so raised my faith in myself that I decided to try something I would've considered impossible not long ago. Something with grueling physical standards that were way beyond my capabilities 2 years ago. It was body screamed and railed at me every hurt so bad that it was hard to study...but I never quit. I really, REALLY wanted to at one point. Somehow, I stuck it out.

And now I am a certified lifeguard. :~)

Keep those quits,'ll be glad you did!


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