Monday, October 20, 2003

Huh...Go Figure!

It`s funny how something that would`ve been of earth-shattering importance early in my quit didn`t even occur to me until just tonight. For the last several days, I`ve been planning an out of town trip for next month with my best friend. We`re going to all the malls, to a rock concert, and spending the night in a fancy schmancy hotel. A little while ago, I was sitting here thinking about our girls` night out...and it hit me. I am planning an overnight trip with a SMOKER! We`ll be taking her car, and she`ll be smoking in it for sure. If this hotel has smoking rooms, it`s guaranteed that we`ll be in one, since she is the one setting up the reservation. Hayley loves me, but not enough to get a non-smoking room if she doesn`t have to. LOL But the thing is...I`m totally okay with all of it..the being cooped up in a car with a smoker for 3 hours, the possibility of being in a smoking room, the fact that I`ll likely be drinking....none of it bothers me. The junkie tried to feed me her usual crock of B.S. right at first, but in response to that, I printed off a lot of my favorite posts, folded and labeled them, and put them in my purse...ready to combat any surprise appearances Ol` Nic might decide to put in. This quit isn`t going anywhere...I fought for it and I`m not letting it go. There`s no point in worrying about being alone with my smoking friend, or the booze factor, or anything else. Why? Because I don`t smoke! What`s the sense in getting in a twist over something I no longer do...something I made the CHOICE to stop? No one put a gun to my head and said `quit or else`. I decided to do this of my own free will, and I won`t look back...I`m not going that way.