Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Too Bad I'm Not an Only Child

So my brother and my nephew, Cam were visiting for about 2 weeks. My brother is an ass, but his son is good people...prolly because Greg didn't have a hell of a lot to do with raising him. A more arrogant, obnoxious, chauvinistic bastard you couldn't find, I shit you not. Hunting, drinking and going off to scronk some bint is more important than seeing his youngest sister. He spent all sorts of time with his other sister...prolly because she'll sit and smoke copious amounts of pot with him, and they're both just as selfish as each other. I'm just not fun enough...oh well. No skin off my ass. I learned a long time ago where he's concerned that it's best not to give a shit....don't get hurt that way. Same deal with all my siblings, really. They're toxic to me, so I have to protect myself. I wasted a lot of years allowing them to hurt me....not anymore. Although I gotta admit, my guard slipped somewhat the other day when I found out that the colossal prick left last Saturday without even saying good bye to me. I saw him twice the whole 2 weeks he was here....he came to my house once for about an hour and the second time was at Wanda and Mark's Halloween party. Last Friday he came over to my house....unfortunately I was working 2-10pm. He played darts and drank beer with Mick and Cam, but couldn't be bothered to come to the pool to see me because he had a "date". Yeah, a booty call is more like it. He scronks this friend of Wanda's every time he's in town. She must have zero respect for herself.

He's not even worth getting all in a twist about. He has always been this way and will continue to do so. The best thing I can do is call bullshit on him whenever he speaks it (which is often) and ignore his insensitivity. Greg's priority is to himself and to his dick. I feel bad for Cam, though. Greg is just as much as a prick to him as he is to practically everyone else. There was a few times that Cam apparently wanted to cold cock his dad, but he didn't. Good thing, too. It wouldn't solve a thing.

I took Cam to the bus station almost an hour ago. It was nice that he stayed a couple extra days. He took me out for dinner last night. He also bought the kids some fast food, then we walked up to the sports bar. Holy crap, did we ever eat! We got poutine and popcorn shrimp to start, I had chicken curry soup and ginger beef, and Cam had a ginormous burger with caesar salad. Good thing he's got a good job with the Coast Guard...he blew a wad of money last night! lol

He's a decent person...will prolly be a good man. He bent over backwards to visit everyone, and even tried on a few occasions to get his dad over here. No luck, obviously. He was pissed at Greg on our behalf, but like I told him...there's no point. Greg doesn't get it and prolly never will. At least having Cam makes up for having whacked out sibs. lol