Saturday, November 15, 2003


I just got home from treating myself for 6 months quit. Me and a friend of mine went out of town for a Bryan Adams/Colin James concert, and this trip convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will never smoke again. I knew that anyway, but now I`m really sure! LOLHayley smoked in the car on the drive into the city...didn`t bother me. We stayed in a smoking motel room...not a problem. We drank quite a bit of beer at the concert...why would I want to ruin the taste by smoking? At intermission time, my friend scrambled around looking for a place to smoke...I stayed inside....warm, happy, tipsy and grateful beyond belief that I don`t have to do that anymore. I screamed my lungs out with excitement, as I`ve been a huge fan of both these guys for 20 years...and didn`t cough once. I was a bit concerned that I might be tempted to smoke, being alone with my old smoking buddy for over 24 hours and all, but I was fine. I looked at the smokes with disgust when I bothered to look at them at all. I`m amazed, really...I was a pretty hardcore smoker...but who am I to ask questions? I`m just extremely thankful that those nasty things no longer rule my life.